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Accessibility and the Customer Service Standards - BiAnnual
Accessibility and the Customer Service Standards - New Hire
Accessibility and the Human Rights Code - Bi Annual
Accessibility and the Human Rights Code - New Hire
ACMAI tool (for 4W Inservice)
Advanced Care Planning: Module 1 The Case for Advance Care Planning
Advanced Care Planning: Module 2 What the Healthcare Provider Needs to Know and Do
Advanced Care Planning: Module 3 What the Person Engaging in Advance Care Planning Needs to Know and Do
Advanced Care Planning: Module 4 Initiating an Advance Care Planning Discussion
Aerial Platform Training
Aging and Dementia
Annual Review - Your Job Hazards
AODA Cust Serv Annual-Aspen Tree Demo
AODA Human Rights Annual- Aspen Tree Demo
Asbestos Training
Assessment and Rehabilitation of Executive Function Impairment: Goal Management Training Workshop


Baycrest & Canada’s National Ballet School’s Sharing Dance Older Adults Teacher Training Course Fall 2023
Baycrest eLearning Request and Process Guide
Blood Culture Learning Package
Blood Transfusions


C-ABHI Reviewer Guidelines
CADD Legacy PCA Module
CAM Tool
Cannabis and Older Adults (English)
Cannabis chez les personnes âgées (français)
Caregivers of People with Dementia (1)
Caregivers of People with Dementia (2)
Caring for Hearing Aids
Clinical Skills Day
Code Brown Training
Communication after stroke
Communication with Older Adults
Confined Space Training
Connecting Ontario Clinical Viewer
Consultant/Contractor Core Curriculum
Continence Care for Direct Care Staff - OLTCA
Continuous Palliative Sedation
Corporate Training
COVID-19 Vaccine
Criticial Incidents Part 1, 2, & 3 - OLTCA
Customer Service Part 1 & 2 OLTCA
Cybersecurity: Introduction to Phishing
Cybersecurity: Introduction to Phishing- Apsen Tree Demo


Eating Assistance (Staff)
Eating Assistance (Volunteers)
Eating Assistance Face to Face Training
Education Rounds (Baycrest Centre for Education)
Electrical Power Tools Training
Electrical Safety in the Workplace
Emergency Codes
Emergency Codes- Aspen Tree Demo
Engaging Clients & Families: Health Literacy Course


Fall Arrest Training
Falls Best Practice
Falls Prevention Part 1: An Introduction OLTCA
Falls Prevention Part 2: Fall Risk Factors in Seniors OLTCA
Family Medicine Geriatrics Rotation
Fenway Institute: LGBT Aging Project
Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation
Fire Safety: Extinguisher Training


Geriatric Medicine Rounds
Glucose Meter Certification


Hazardous Drugs 1: Definitions
Hazardous Drugs 2: Contamination
Hazardous Drugs 3: Handling (Allied Health)
Hazardous Drugs 3: Handling (EVS)
Hazardous Drugs 3: Handling and Administration (Nurses)
Hazardous Drugs 4: Scenario (Allied Health)
Hazardous Drugs 4: Scenario (EVS)
Hazardous Drugs 4: Scenario (Nurses)
Health & Safety at Work ~ For ALL Staff (BiAnnual)
Heat Alerts and Heat Related Illness OLTCA
How to Address Anti-Black Racism
How To Use the PHQ-2


Independent Double Check - High Alert Medication Administration
Infection Prevention and Control
Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) for Private Companions and Caregivers
Infection Prevention and Control for Volunteers
Infection Prevention and Control- Aspen Tree Demo
Insulin In-Service ~ Nursing
Intellectual Property Rights - An Introduction
Intellectual Property Rights - IP Strategy
International Behavioural Neurology Videoconference Rounds
Intravenous Care
IV Pump Re-Certification (PLUM A+)


Jewish Life At Baycrest


KL-CARE Introduction to Applied Research and Innovation Online Program


Leadership Essentials Workshop Series
LEADS Learning Series Cohort 12
LEADS Learning Series Cohort 13
LEADS Learning Series Cohort 14
Level 1 Wound Care
LGBT2SQ and Aging
LGBT2SQ and Aging - HSL
Lock Out Training
Lorazepam Product Change Alert - April 20, 2020


Machine Guarding Training
MAiD, Depression and the Older Adult
Mechanical Lifts: Waverly Glen 550
Mechanical Lifts: Sara 3000
Mechanical Lifts: Viking Lift
Mechanical Lifts: WE Transfer Lifts
Medication Management for Caregivers of People with Dementia
Memory and Aging Program
Memory and Aging Program - CT
Memory and Aging Program - DEMO
Memory and Aging Program - UofW Fall 2023
Memory and Aging Program - UofWS24
Memory and Aging Program for University of Windsor
Memory and Aging Program- University of Windsor
Mould Training


Nail and Foot Care for Direct Care Staff - OLTCA
Nursing Competency Assessment
Nursing Role Clarity & Scope of Practice Survey


Patient Safety
Patient Safety for Volunteers
PLEASE Training Series
Power Imbalances and Abuse Prevention OLTCA
PPE Training
Preceptor Education Program
Pressure Injuries
Privacy for Volunteers
Privacy- Aspen Tree Demo
Pyxis CII Safe & Knowledge Portal
Pyxis MedStation


Rapid Antigen Point-of-care Testing: RAT Agency
Redeployment Training 2021-2022
Resident Abuse and Neglect OLTCA
Resident Bill of Rights OLTCA
Resident Mouth Care for Staff in Long Term Care
Responsive Behaviours 360
Responsive Behaviours Core Curriculum
Responsive Behaviours Volunteers
Responsive Behaviours- Aspen Tree Demo
Restraints and PASDs OLTCA


Safe Use of Ladders Training
Scope of Practice Update
Social Media & You: A Look at Social Media at Baycrest
SSC Training
Staff Library - OVID Database Training
Storycare Project
Student Placement Requirements
Successful Aging
Supervisor Awareness Training
Supervisory Capacity : Occupational Health and Safety Training for Employees Acting in a Supervisory Capacity


TAHSN Physicians ~ Blood Transfusions
TAHSN Physicians ~ Cybersecurity and Privacy
TAHSN Physicians ~ Professional Values
TAHSN Physicians ~ Recognizing Domestic Violence in the Workplace
TAHSN Physicians ~ Relations with Industry
Team Essentials for Coordinating Care for Responsive Behaviours
Team Essentials for Preventing Acute Deterioration


Vanessa's Law: Mandatory Reporting of Serious Adverse Drug Reactions
Volunteers - Workplace Violence, Workplace Harassment, and Domestic Violence


WHMIS / Global Harmonized System
WHMIS/GHS- Aspen Tree Demo
Worker Safety- Aspen Tree Demo
Workplace Violence, Workplace Harassment, and Domestic Violence
Workplace Violence- Aspen Tree Demo




Your Job Hazards-Aspen Tree Demo




Patient Safety- Aspen Tree Demo
3 D's